Who Is Correctional Medical Care?

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Correctional Medical Care (CMC) provides high-quality healthcare and healthcare administration services to correctional facilities. Founded by business developer and healthcare advocate Emre Umar, CMC has become an industry leader. The company’s diverse range of programs and services were developed and fine-tuned by a company which exclusively focuses on correctional healthcare. CMC meets the unique requirements and challenges of the correctional industry– and seamlessly integrates healthcare services within a wide scope of institutions.

CMC fills a multifaceted niche in the correctional industry. Their implementation of high-quality healthcare services affects inmates’ lives both inside and outside of prison or jail. Access to fundamental medical, mental, or dental healthcare keeps patients healthier during their incarceration; it also enables them to reenter society feeling stronger, more productive, and well-informed about their health needs. Thus this specialized area of healthcare can affect recidivism in parolees of correctional facilities.

The vision of Correctional Medical Care is not only to meet or exceed national correctional healthcare standards, but to do so via a sustainable and cost-effective delivery program. CMC monitors all phases of its programs through nationally accepted utilization management (UM) criteria, which is in turn overseen by medical specialists. With a concurrent review process and a dedication to operational transparency, CMC is able to continually analyze its own operations and reduce the costs and length of inpatient hospitalizations, outpatient specialty services, and emergency room visits.

Correctional Medical Care is a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise under The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).


Emre Umar

Emre Umar is a healthcare and business professional whose drive for success, growth and management has lead to successes in many facets of life. Emre manages a staff that provides healthcare to prison inmates at a level that meets or exceeds the healthcare services provided outside of prison. Correctional Medical Care’s long history of success is due in part to the managerial and leadership styles that Emre Umar exudes: seeking out new opportunities for growth and managing the company from the bottom up day-to-day.

Prior to taking over as President, Emre Umar worked in a smaller correctional healthcare setting before moving up the ranks and oversaw its expansion into six states within the US. After leading the company to enormous revenue and facility growth during his time, he helped to found the Correctional Medical Care from the ground up.

He is an alumnus of Penn State University, and enjoys golfing, spending time with his family and helping young entrepreneurs on the path to success.